NEW Cold Ultrasound Hair Extensions

NEW Cold Ultrasound Hair Extensions

Cold Ultrasound Hair Extensions


Cold Ultrasound Hair Extensions

About education.


1 Theory
-All about hair and hair extensions
-All the features of consultation with client (how to choose correct bundles, how to sell
your service)
-All schemes of installation (Basic scheme, Scheme for thick hair, Scheme for short hair,
Scheme for bangs area)
-Why do we work on ultrasonic extensions? Main features
-How to avoid hair damage

2 Capsulation process (Learning how to prepare hair for extensions)
-capsulation of individual strands
-capsulation of bulk

3 Removing hair extensions
-Time to wear hair extensions
-Safe hair removal

4 Practicing on a doll head

At the end you will get:
Certificate of ultrasound cold hair extensions specialist
20-30% lifetime discount for all our hair and products
Student kit includes( including in the price of Master Class)
-Head doll for practice
-Removing tool
-Forming tool (to create capsules)
-Comb and clips
-Ultrasound hair extension machine
-20%-30% lifetime discount for hair and other products in Studio Queen Hair
-Hair shampoo and other solutions
Lasts for two days

Group (3 and more students) – Pay in full 1,299$
Group (3 and more students)- Reserve your seat 199$
Private (1 student) – Pay in full 1,999$
Private (1 student) – Reserve your seat 499$

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