Online Master-class

Online Master-class: Hot fusion keratin tip hair extensions

Master class with Certificate. Certificate is not a license! Be sure what laws your state has for a hair extension license.

Rules for providing a master class:

1. Read the recommendation sheet for the purchase of all the necessary tools for the master class (students can also use their tools)
2. Make a purchase of the master class on the website (indicating your exact address to which the certificate and gifts will be sent)
3. The master class will be held in the private account on Instagram, where only those students who paid for the master class will be added
4. All information on the account will be stored for one week after the start date, all questions, recommendations and homework will be checked in this account as well.
5. After one week, all information and students will be deleted from the account, in order to prepare the next master class
6. After the completion of the master class, each student receives a full discount system for the purchase of any goods from our website.

Hot fusion keratin tip hair extensions



Master class with practice on the head of the mannequin. Keratin capsules hot fusion method
You will learn:
1. Features and advantages of hair “Studio Queen Hair “
2. The basic rules of hair extensions. Correct distribution of capsules on the head. Features of hair extensions on thick hair. Features of extensions on thin hair.
3.The correct way to put on capsules on the head. Features of the technique of extensions on capsules.
4. Practical lesson of extensions.
5. The correct way to remove the capsules.
6.Method of preparing hair for next extensions . Features of creating a new capsule on the hair for next extensions .
7.The right way to take care for hair extensions at home.
8. Features of special haircuts after hair extensions.
9. Problems and solutions that a client may encounter while wearing hair.
10. A few of my personal secrets!)
Also after Master-class you will get a certificate , you will get a discount to buy hair from official website.
The new line of hair extensions “Studio Queen Hair “ so popular in LA now, you can be the first person in your state who can present the best of the best quality of hair extensions.


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Online learning. Why with us?

-Our team has been working with hair extensions on Keratin capsules method for 20 years.
-We share our experience of successful and safe work.
-After our training you will learn all the features of work.

So easy to be professional, if you are in our team !


Mannequin head Lian’s 7″ 100% Human Hair Cosmetology Manikin Trainning Hairdressing Head Brown Color

Hot fusion melting tool for hair extensions
-American plug hot tool for hair extensions.
-Material-Metal. Color-Black.
-Suitable for all hair extension system keratin pre-bonded Hair.
Professional 360’ C rotation power cord that never tangles.

Opener tool for hair extensions removal
Specially designed to open tubes for:
-Micro tip
-Keratin tip

Remover for hair extensions X10 Pro-Tools D Bond Gel Remover by The Hair Shop, Keratin Glue Fusion Pre Bonded U-Tip Adhesive Remover For Super Or Regular Keratip, Best for Keratin Glue, Tape-Ins and Shrinkies (4 oz Bottle)

Protect ring 102 Pieces Heat Shield Guards with 20 Pieces Hair Clips, Round Circular and Single Hole Shield Spacers, Clear PVC Fusion Glue Protector Templates for Salon Hair Extension Bonding and Cross Hair Seamle


20 Fusion Hair Extension Heat Glue Shield Protector With Scale

Tool for forming a new capsules Neitsi Flat Shape Fusion Bond Crusher Tool for Keratin Hair Extensions

Tail comb 103 Black Carbon Fiber Hair Rat Tail Pin Tail Comb, 235℃ Heat Resitent 100% Anti static, Stainless Steel Pintail, Rattail Lift Comb with Non-slip Paddle for Hair Styling

Duck clips Bantoye 24 Packs Duck Bill Clips, 3.5 Inches Rustproof Metal Alligator Curl Clips with Holes for Hair Styling, Hair Coloring, Silver

Hair extensions

Keratin capsules for correction