KTip master class in person (hands on)

KTip master class in person

Step-by-step keratin capsules hair extensions


KTip keratin capsules hair extensions

Why learn with Studio Queen Hair?
Choose our hair extension training for an unparalleled experience:

1. Experienced Instructors: Acquire knowledge from seasoned
professionals with years of experience in the hair extension industry.

2. Innovative Techniques: We offer training in the most advanced and
safe hair extension methods, including the use of keratin capsules.

3. Real-world Practice: Gain hands-on experience working with actual
clients to ensure confidence in your skills upon course completion.
(Additional lesson available ONLY after completing master class)

4. Post-Training Support: We value each student and provide support
after the course to help you successfully launch your career in hair

5. Lifetime stylists discount 20-30% for all hair, cosmetics and
accessories in Studio Queen Hair

We would like to introduce our Keratin Hair Extension Intensive!
In a single day you’ll:
⁃ learn all the secrets of KTip capsule hair extension
⁃ be able to use this technique
⁃ learn to prepare hair for the extension
⁃ learn details how to attract clients and work with them
⁃ learn how to prepare your portfolio

Who is our Intensive for:
⁃ for stylists who use other techniques
⁃ for those who want to be a hair extension stylist
⁃ for those who want to have additional earnings on hair extension

The Intensive will be offline in our studio.
The intensive will last for the whole day: 10 am – 6 pm.

What will you learn after the Intensive:
-Why do we work with Slavic hair? What’s the advantage of it?
-How to consult a client before hair extension. How to choose suitable
-How to prepare hair for the extension.
-Different techniques of hair extension arrangement.
-How to form capsules safely and accurately.
-Hair care recommendations
-Author method of hair cut after hair extension
-Safe and accurate hair removal
-Recapsulation, preparation of hair for reusage.Capsulation and mix
colors from the bulk.
-How to make great photos and videos of your work
-How to sell your services
Master class includes tools, materials and coffee brake.
For those who have completed the Intensive, we offer Keratin Hair
Extension Intensive+!
You can practise your hair extension technique on a real model.
You can bring a model with you or we’ll give you a client.
Only for 499$ you will be able to perform hair extension under the
supervision of an experienced master. The practice will last for 4-5 hours.

Group (3 and more students) – Pay in full: 999$
Group (3 and more students) – Reserve your seat: 199$

Private (1 student) – Pay in full: 1,499$
Private (1 student) – Reserve your seat: 499$

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“I recently attended the hair extensions classes and was very pleased. The staff and teacher was excellent and easy to follow. I would highly recommend attendance.”

Olena T.