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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between natural volume clip ins hair and double volume clip ins hair?

Clip in’s hair with natural volume are more suitable for queens with a medium length of hair, and you need to add extra volume and length. Clip ins hair with double volume are suitable for queens with short hair! and of course when you want to get a double volume, even if your hair medium or long length . The number of wefts in all sets is 10 pieces.


How do I know which color to choose?

On different computer monitors the color may look different! Our team will gladly help you choose a more suitable color! all you need is to send us your photo of hair in daylight! and we will help you choose a more suitable color option. All hair QUEEN HAIR is Russian hair, not treated with any chemical preparations, without silicone, and without synthetic materials! And also they have a different shades in every color set!


Can my QUEEN HAIR be dyed?

QUEEN HAIR is Russian hair, not treated with any chemical preparations, without silicone, and without synthetic materials! And also they have a different shades in every color set! Hair can easily be dyed and toned! but the QUEEN HAIR is not responsible for the quality of hair after dyed at home, done at your own risk.


Can I use styling tools on my QUEEN HAIR?

Yes, you can! You can use any curling iron to create curls and straighten your hair. you are open to create any style of hairstyle! but do not forget, it’s natural hair!) and they need care! We recommend using a protective spray before any styling!


What is the best way to clip in your “clip in hair”?

After buying your new, natural, long and beautiful clip-in hair extensions you can’t wait to try them on and show them to your friends or partner. Take out the clip-ins out of the box with care (don’t throw away this box or case since you will need it later to store your hair). Carefully sort out hair strands (make sure they are not tangled) and place them on the table. Then start attaching them to your own hair one by one first starting from the biggest strand. After that brush your hair carefully.


How can I take my “clip in hair” off?

Brush your hair towards your face and carefully, one by one, take off your clip-ins. Never pull the clips out of your hair without opening them first; that way you can damage your roots. After you take off all the clip-ins brush the hair carefully and put them back to the box.


What’s the best way to brush natural hair on clips?

Brushing is really easy. Brush your clip-in extensions as you would brush your own hair. Take one strand and start at the bottom carefully moving up. Don’t do any rough movements. Don’t pull the brush if the hair gets tangled.


What’s the best way to wash my extensions?

Put some lukewarm water in the tub (the temperature shouldn’t exceed 104°F), add a little shampoo and dissolve it in the water. Immerse your hair strands in the water and rinse them carefully. Then rinse the strands in the running tap water. Apply some conditioner. Rinse off the conditioner in the running water. Remove remaining water by gently squeezing your hair and running your fingers from the foundation (where the clips are) down to the ends of the hair. Brush the hair with a fine teeth brush and air dry it in a horizontal position. After your clip-in extensions are dry brush them once again and put them back to the box. Additional tips and recommendations Don’t brush your extensions too often. Never go to bed without taking off your “wonder-locks” first. Use heat protection spray before styling your extensions with a hair-dryer, curler or straightener. Do not store your clip-ins outside of the box (like on the table) since they can fall down and get tangled. It’s especially important for ladies with pets. Wash your extensions with a shampoo for normal hair. Any conditioner or mask should be for normal hair as well.


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