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Price list

Hair extensions
-Keratin Tip capsules 3$ per strand
-ITip capsules 3$ per strand
-Tape ins 10$ per sandwich
-Sew in wefts 70$ per 1 row

Removing hair extensions:
1 hour 1 master 60$
Washing hair after removing 40$
Washing hair after removing with style 60$

Prepare hair for correction:
-Recapsulation 0.8$ per strand
-Re taping 2$ per sandwich
Washing hair before extensions 30$

Box braids:
Shoulder length 2.6$ per braid
Middle of the back length 2.8$ per braid
Long length 3$ per braid

Hair care treatment:
-“Happiness for hair” 90$ and up
-Deep conditioning “Queens Hair” 60$ and up
Man hair cut 50$
Simple trim 40$
Women hair cut 60$ and up
Women hair cut with style 80$ and up
Women styling curls 60$ and up
Women styling curls+ washing hair 90$ and up
Blow dry 40$ and up
Blow dry with extensions 80$ and up

Hair color services:
-Root touch up ( 1-1.5 inches) 70-90$
-Base color 100-130$
-Bleach the roots and toner 100$ and up
-Bleach and toner 170$ and up
-Toner 60$ and up
-Partial highlights ( one zone of the head) 70-90$
-Half of the head highlights/Ombre/ balayage 140$ and up
-Full head highlights/Ombre/ balayage 200$ and up







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