Clip-in hair #18/60 Highlights



Natural hair clip-in extensions is a set of false strands attached to your own hair with the help of small flat hair clips with silicone lining, which helps the strands to stay tightly on your head and not to slip off. These clip ins were specifically designed for the girls who are dreaming of getting long thick hair in 5 minutes in home conditions. They can be used both for creating wedding and evening looks, as well as for the daily wear. By using these false strands you can create elaborate evening styling, make a long voluminous ponytail or simply leave your hair loose. Hairpins of the same color as your hair will not only be invisible, but will also protect your hair from any damage.

Our clip in extensions do not contain any synthetic ingredients, so you can do everything to them that you’re doing to your own hair: toning, blow-drying, washing, using flattening irons or curlers.

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