Hot fusion keratin tip hair extensions

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Course program


💥- Welcome to the team of Studio Queen Hair.
💥- The main benefits of work on Russian hair.
💥- Consultation of the client, choice of hair.
💥- Correct hair preparation before extension. Rules for washing and drying hair.
💥- Correct division of the head into zones.
💥- Beginning of work. Correct formation of the capsule. Correct hand position. Basic rules of a
perfect capsule.


💥- Creating a connecting line. Different ways to install capsules on the head.
💥- Checking strands according to my personal method “Palm check method “
💥- Creation of micro capsules.
💥- Hair extensions on bangs and close to the face.
💥- My method of invisible hair cutting after extension.
💥- Home hair care recommendations list.


💥- Safe way to remove capsules.
💥- Preparation of hair for recapsulation.
💥- Mistakes in hair extensions and how to avoid them.


💥- Creating a beautiful hair image for video and photo. My recommendations for cosmetics. –
💥- Features of the light .
💥- IPhone functions that I use.
💥- My apps for editing.


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